pulling off prints


There is only one way to wear a bold print should you chose to do so. Wear with pride, conviction and confidence! You know me! I’m not a huge colourful print fan, but sometimes a print is just cool and needs to be rocked…

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gold coast bulletin’s best dressed for 2016


Super wow! So amazing to be this year’s 50 Best Dressed winner. That really was an unexpected result and so much fun to be a part of! I’m always say “as long as I’m in the top 10, I’m happy”… but this is awesome…

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“off the shoulder” and “cropped flares”


It’s a double whammy today! I’m covering both “off the shoulder” and the “cropped denim flare” trend in one…

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pink bow pumps


Finally the perfect outfit to wear with these sweet satin pink bow pumps! Oh they are just too gorgeous to wear…

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the elegant dress


The elegant dress speaks for itself. It doesn’t need to be bedazzled with jewels, embroidery or sequins to be special. It doesn’t need to have an exuberant price tag. It simply needs to be made of a good quality fabrication and have an impeccable cut…

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gold coast bulletin’s 50 best dressed


I needed a dress to shoot for the cover for the Gold Coast Bulletin Eye Magazine for the 50 Best Dressed feature. I know the Bulletin loves a bit of colour so I went hunting for a something that suited me but gave a little punch.

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the week essentials


Just a few of the items I’m indulging in at the moment… These is the goods! I’m particularly loving the Grown Alchemist products, they are so rich and decadent, my skin is literally soaking up every bit of it when I apply…

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back to basics


Every now and again, I like to “re set” my fashion choices and have a day where I tone it all down and bring it back to basics. This would mean wearing a plain cut jean or pant, clean top and simple accessories. It allows me to get back to neutral before I start rebuilding interesting daily outfits again.

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blush, black and white


Blush, black and white is one of my all time favourite colour combos. It’s just heaven! I love the balance of the hard against the soft, it’s so easy on the eye.

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a louboutin lip


Today’s little feature was a test run of the beautiful Christian Louboutin lipsticks. Firstly, can we just discuss the packaging? It’s so beautiful I almost didn’t want to use it!

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