Let’s bring it down to neutral.   Let’s bring it back to basics.   Let’s bring it to the base line of fashion.   Monochrome baby…
If you are ever having one of those days where you can’t decide what to wear and you have limited time to think about it (story of my life) then these neutral, unsaturated tones are your go to palette.

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white dress


We all love a white dress.   Just the idea of one brings to mind a beautiful bride or angelic angels dancing on a bed of clouds (well it does to me anyway).  However, some might immediately think  of every single lump and bump showing up.   There is a way however!

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Every time I think of the word “burgundy” I can’t help but recall Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman.   Hilarious!   Or more frequently, a past “fashion cycle” when we all wore it to death…

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long skirt


There are many ways to wear a long skirt.   In this particular fashion cycle, bringing it down to street-style level with trainers, boots or flat sandals is the way to go…

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statement jacket


The great thing about a statement jacket is that it speaks for itself.   You don’t need to add to much more to your outfit, just a few highlighted pieces to compliment…

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grey today


Hi guys!    I’m here reporting from the Brisbane Ekka for the next few days.   Every time this year, we head up to the big smoke and watch the pretty cattle walk around the ring.   It’s definitely a case of #fromstilettostosawdust…

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70’s vibe


Love a good flare and a nice deep rusty tone pairs perfectly to solidify that 70’s vibe…

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big blue


I’m just obsessed with long skirts.   Always have been.   Big, bold, silky, poofy ones that go back with trainers, tees leather jackets.    That’s were it’s at for me…

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sneaker time


I always take two bags with me each day.   Either a shoulder bag and a nappy bag, or a shoulder bag and a tote.   The tote will always carry a comfortable pair of shoes to change into half way through the day…

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dem boots


I dig an ankle boot with shorts, skirts, pants and anything really… Permission to wear chicky babes…

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