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champagne friday at come as you are boutique

I flew to Sydney on Friday to have a little Champagne morning at our store Come As You Are in Paddington, to go through the new deliveries and workshop our winter wardrobes. It was so lovely to meet some of our customers and go through my favourite style options for the coming season.

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cracker dresses by thurley

Thurley is really stepping it up. I mean, they have always produced beautiful dresses. However this season they are bringing out styles that are just next level. I photographed these three dresses and the following week three more came in that I loved just as much. I’m going to need lots of events to wear them to!

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spiritual gangster presentation at edwards imports

We had a gorgeous breakfast workshop at our Edwards Imports showroom this week to introduce the amazing Spiritual Gangster label to our brand managers, key retail stylists and their top customers, and local active lifestyle enthusiasts. We are so excited to welcome this amazing brand to our company and feel it’s such a great fit to compliment all our premium high fashion brands in Australia.

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odd molly is a brand I love

I love Odd Molly. It’s a Swedish brand we have been importing into Australia for over 10 years now and it holds a special place in our hearts. I used to sell the collections every season in our Edwards Imports Sydney showroom when I was working in our wholesale department. It’s so totally unique and each piece really has a point of difference.

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autumn racing with talulah la maison

Autumn racing is upon us and I’m excited! Lots of options out there for every fashionista at the track this season. Whether you choose to keep it clean and classic or feel like getting a little “frou frou” on, you will certainly be covered with the all the magnificent race wear choices.

There are so many talented milliners coming through creating unique head pieces with truly beautiful and theatrical designs. Gold, silver, metallic, felt or leather laser cut flowers are really popular this season, and have a real romanticism about them. I love the way you can express your fashion personality through the gorgeous array of styles coming through. Hats in classic shapes are also really popular and give a clean and stylish look.

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