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odd molly is a brand I love

I love Odd Molly. It’s a Swedish brand we have been importing into Australia for over 10 years now and it holds a special place in our hearts. I used to sell the collections every season in our Edwards Imports Sydney showroom when I was working in our wholesale department. It’s so totally unique and each piece really has a point of difference.

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the statement piece and why you need one

Absolutely and positively monumental! A statement piece is a precious baby that must live in your wardrobe…
Whether it’s a fabulous jacket, vest or coat, owning something special with a tonne of “WOW” factor, will be your go-to piece when your outfit needs a little “lift”.

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three shoe styles to wear with fishnet socks

A classic pump is a perfect heel to wear your new fishnet socks with. Wear the sock high and tucked under your ankle length skinnies to keep the look chic and clean. Such a subtle detail but so stylish, effective and screams fashionista!

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skirt over pants, big sleeves

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to wear a skirt over a pant. It kind of shows my age though because a fashion century (or two!) ago we used to do it all the time and I hated giving it up. I had to suck myself out of that trend like taking candy off a baby. It wasn’t pretty…

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style it up

One day many years ago, I was showing a wholesale collection in the Sydney showroom to one of our best accounts. The owner had a team of fashion savvy girls who worked the floor and were trying on everything (literally). One of the girls put on a pantsuit with a jacket and just stood there in front of the mirror. The outfit looked terrible. The buyer said “well, you’ve got to style it up a little!” She rolled up the sleeves, popped the collar, kicked her hips out to the side, added a belt and voila, the outfit looked amazing.

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