pink and black leather

Hi all, how is everyone? Apologies for the million photos but my brain was not in editing mode so I posted them all.   Must be something to do with the belly that is well and truly bulging by now : )

Pink and black are one of my all time favourite colour combinations (and of course everything in between from 50 shades of grey to all the soft and dusty pinks under the rainbow).   Perfect  J Brand black leathers, some pumps and a simple black shirt is a great base to build your outfit.    Simplicity is key but layering is essential to make your look interesting so never be afraid to add, add, add!    I’m a bit of an adder as you all know…

A simple jewelled necklace by J Crew and this lovely marshmallowy pink Joie blazer worked well with the faux snakeskin clutch and an over sized Hunky Dory coat completes the look.

Big kisses to all xx

Jacket: Joie, Coat: Hunky Dory, Shirt: Enza Costa, Leather pants: J Brand, Heels and Bag: Witchery, Sunglasses: Chanel, Necklace: J Crew

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  1. Pilar Ayuso says:

    Wooow you’re so pretty!! love your blog!! This post it’s perfect for me!!
    Thousand of kisses of a follower from Spain!!
    Would you like to visit my blog? I’ll very glad with you!!

  2. Absolutely adore every single thing about this look! Love it! I saw it on Instagram and had to visit and comment

    Secret little Stars

  3. Fiona says:

    Thank you so much for visiting the blog! I think your blog is gorgeous! xx

  4. Fiona says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog Pilar! I checked yours out and it’s fantastic! xx xx

  5. Fiona says:

    Thanks for visiting the blog Sonja! xx xx xx

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