three elements

One thing I’ve learnt since starting my own fashion blog, is the importance of balancing colour, prints and texture in to my looks.   I have always really done this, but by planning outfit posts and editing the photos, I have become savvy to what is appealing to the eye… In similar words, I’m learning what I like to see.

When I flick through the racks of clothing I am blessed to have access to, I try and factor in these three elements which give depth and a little something to your get up.   Here I’m wearing a vibrant neon orange shirt under a gloriously thick and bulky cable knit.   The little flashes of mauve from the lining of this textural coat work beautifully with the leopard print clutch and simple nude heels balance the colour, print and texture well to my liking.   It’s a little ice-cream-candy looking (with sprinkles in top) but really…how delicious!

Yes, I like what I see.  xx

Coat: Odd Molly, Knit: Hunky Dory, Shirt: Equipment Fr, Skirt: Hunky Dory, Shoes: Glamour Puss from Wanted Shoes, Clutch: Vintage, Sunglasses: Rayban, Earrings: Witchery

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography

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