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Hi all, how is everyone?   Wow, what a whirlwind the last two weeks has been.

We now have a beautiful baby boy named Jack to add to our brood and as expected the household has certainly been interesting with a toddler as well.   I’m living in a baby coma right now…feeding around the clock, trying to recover, looking after Addie and trying to get some sleep in between. Hubby has been amazing as usual though and helps out so much.

Addison was born naturally and due to two factors, a Caesarean was decided by our Doctors for our second. Firstly, the natural was extremely traumatic (Addie was 9 pounds and I’m not a big girl).   Secondly, I developed a pain condition from an injury two years ago and there was risk of a pain transfer if not managed properly post surgery.

I have to say, my C Section experience was awful!   All my friends told me it wasn’t so bad but it’s major abdominal surgery and 12 days later, am only just starting to find it easier to get up and down.   Not to mention they had to re do the spinal half way through cutting me open because I could feel it – I’m not joking.

That being said, we have a healthy baby boy who was 3.94kgs at birth and that’s all we can ask for.   So blessed and really starting to feel like a family now with the four of us.

We shot this outfit a few days before baby arrived.   I was chasing some loose tees to hide my belly and came across this awesome cardi coat from Sportsgirl. I was fifteen the last time I had a shop up at Sportsgirl and as usual, you can always find some great pieces.

I’m loving casual dressing at the moment for obvious reasons and this outfit ticks all those boxes. I dare say it will be casual for a few weeks longer!

Love to all xx

Cardi & Sunglasses: Sportsgirl, Jeans: Nolita, Shoes: Converse, Blazer: Hunky Dory

Image Credit: Jess Adcock

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