winter be gone…

It was a few things… The first day of spring being one.   The other was being completely over pasty white legs and living in a semi baby slumber (Jack Bass is 3 months now so time to get it together).   Out came the loafer, fake tan and nail polish.   Those pasty baby days are over and I’m off to a new start.   Summer will be upon us in no time and I’m going to be ready for it… Well, I’m going to try my best!

Okay, okay, these short shorts are rediculous…  But so gorgeous and you can so do it if you stick to a couple of simple rules.   Loose tee or knit over the top is essential to erase any possibility of looking like a 16 year old teenie-bopper.   Polished and tanned legs also a must!

Knit: Hunky Dory, Tee: Joie, Shorts: Runway Dreamz, Shoes: Fendi, Bag: Seed Heritage, Sunglasses: Rayban

Image Credit:   Jess Adcock

2 Responses to “winter be gone…”

  1. Andrea says:

    You look fabulous….like you always do!!! I can’t believe you just had a baby 3 months ago. I hope when I have my baby I can look like this!!
    Keep up those inspiring looks


  2. Fiona says:

    Hi Andrea, thanks so much for your comments! My bub is now 4 months, time flies! Hope you’re well xx xx xx

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