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printed blue, if I do…


You know those times you just need a subtle pop of colour?   Well, this gorgeous silk printed skirt totally did it for me this very day.   I love these muted blue tones, it gives you that diversion to colour, without straying too much from your neutral palette.

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black denim skirt


If you need one thing this coming season, it’s a black denim skirt.   Absolutely, positively and completely necessary.   I’m totally in love with this MIH Jeans mid-length, I can see it getting a lot of wear this summer with vintage tees and sandals.    Of course also a winter workout, with ankle boots and a biker jacket.

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white out


I don’t think there is anything more refreshing and beautiful than wearing an all white outfit.   Ever so luxurious and angelic, this crisp white poplin cotton skirt and knitted tank feels like heaven.   As always an few black accessories and a mid length coat create a slightly edgy feel and take it to the street.

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salt of the earth


High neck lines, flat clumpy sandals, brownish hues…these fashion features are synonymous with ‘salt of the earth’ style dressing.   Sometimes you have those days you want to get grounded, re-boot and get in touch with your earthy side.   It makes the days you “suit-up” a little more special.

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saturday style


Just getting around in an over-sized black silk dress, a mega jacket, some kicks and a bucket bag.   Saturday style personified.

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