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kinda casual, not


It’s really just the colour combination I love with this outfit… The skirt is a superb creamy caramel (I made hubby sticky date pudding with caramel sauce for his birthday tonight so I can vouch for that comment!) and it totally fits in the same box as the ever present rusty fall hues category…

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black, white and stylish


Can’t wear better than black, white and stylish.   Clean lines, sharp edges, luxurious textures… That fit the body well and ooze quality.   This outfit is soooooo simple, but such a winner!

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layer up


Winter comes and we layer!   This is when I really explore my fashion options.   I love to add an extra piece just for the sake of it.   Where appropriate, an extra piece can give your outfit a point of difference, some interest, an edge.

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It’s a resurrection like no other… The one, the only, J Brand HOULIHAN has returned!   Who could forget its stampede onto the market all those years ago.   I still have three pairs in the cupboard from the last batch.   Loving this Sand Sky shade…

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monochrome minimalism


I think this post really speaks for itself… Don’t you think?   Monochrome minimalism all over.   Nuff said.

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