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crop it

Light blue denim crop jeans

A light blue denim crop is a fail safe option when it comes to the base of styling an outfit.   From here I like to add lighter colours to compliment this shade and keep the black for darker denims.   Coming into spring, these soft tones let the baby blue shine and lifts it to new heights…

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tie it up

tie up plaid shirt dress with sweater on top

This season, it’s all about tie ups, twists and cut outs… ground these proportions with solid and unwavering colours and prints and we’re talking…

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Black and white style

Let’s bring it down to neutral.   Let’s bring it back to basics.   Let’s bring it to the base line of fashion.   Monochrome baby…
If you are ever having one of those days where you can’t decide what to wear and you have limited time to think about it (story of my life) then these neutral, unsaturated tones are your go to palette.

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white dress


We all love a white dress.   Just the idea of one brings to mind a beautiful bride or angelic angels dancing on a bed of clouds (well it does to me anyway).  However, some might immediately think  of every single lump and bump showing up.   There is a way however!

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Every time I think of the word “burgundy” I can’t help but recall Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman.   Hilarious!   Or more frequently, a past “fashion cycle” when we all wore it to death…

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