a comfortable state

Frame jeans combo

Relaxed fit frame jeans with black and white

White knitted top over shirt and Frame jeans

Black jacket with cut off light denim jeans  black jacket draped over Frame denim and leather loafers

White knitted top with denim and black sleeveless coat

Layers over Frame jeans

Baggie jeans and layering tops

Relaxed baggie jeans outfit

Baggy denim and layers

This week’s daily outfit, is a comfortable one.   You know those days when you just want to wear relaxed and loose pants?   This baggy jean style is awesome for that.

Seeing this is a day for “freedom of pain or restraint” I’m choosing a loafer for my feet.   This style of shoe is very easy.   It’s sharp, flat and comfortable.   It’s classy, chic and stylish.   It’s your go to shoe for a busy day when you need to look nice…

We’re in a trans-seasonal state at the moment.   I’m still clinging on to winter, but I’m loving the light colours coming through for spring.   It has to be a gradual change for me, because I’m a winter lover!   Although I may not have much of a choice.   This is the Gold Coast after all and it’s been an incredibly mild season.   So I’ve chosen a stripe sleeveless top, light knit and a poncho coat over everything to tie back in with the shoes, pony hair clutch and stripe.

Let’s get the last of the coolish days out of the way, summer I can do this!



Loafers: Tony Bianco, Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson, Sunglasses Clip: Bailey Nelson


Image Credit: Tane Meiring

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