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It’s so inspiring to have my new little studio space.   I’m a big believer that you need space to grow, be productive and let your ideas flow.   Of course we have to do the best with what we’ve got (and I’ve done that for all my life so far) however this little place is something I’ve always wanted and finally in reach.   It’s not completed as yet but it’s so close!

Now that Raff is 9 months, I’m finding little pockets of time to do what I love to do.   Create pretty flat lays.   It’s been a consuming few years and I’m enjoying getting my creative side going again whilst experimenting with the beautiful beauty products that are coming my way.

Today’s little feature was a test run of the beautiful Christian Louboutin lipsticks.   Firstly, can we just discuss the packaging?   It’s so beautiful I almost didn’t want to use it!   This lipstick oozes quality.   The creamy application is nothing short of perfect and the colour so rich and chic.   It’s really worth investing in one of these next level colours, even if it’s just for special occasions.   Definitely makes you feel a little majestic!   Must be the gold…

I can’t wait to share some upcoming fifideluxe product reviews with you!   Watch this space xx

Lip: Christian Louboutin, Earrings: Seed, Bracelet: Seed, Pouch: Mon Purse, Pom Pom Key Ring: Poppy London, Magazine:


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