Layering for winter

Jackets, knitted jumper and handbag

Denim jacket layered with jeans, boots and sweater

leather boots and skinny jeans

lots of layers this winter

layering with denim, knits and leather

Jacket around the waist with jumper and denim

Layering with style

Just one of my little layery outfits I would wear on any normal day.   Although I’m afraid to say my layers will become fewer with the arrival of spring!

I do love winter… Purely for the fact you can add so many more pieces to your get up.   I’m always looking for the opportunity to tie a jacket or shirt around my waist or throw on an extra piece over the top of everything.

This muted palette of grey, tan, black and white is also a winner.   Probably one of my top five colour combinations.   Just so easy, versatile and kind of safe… In a good way.

How have you been this week?   I been to our property for hubby’s bull sale this week sans kids.   It’s been a good few days but looking forward to getting back to the babies!

Have a great weekend all.


Tony Bianco: Frenchy Boot,


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