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Most of us have a body part (or two or three) that we’re a little self conscious about, right?   Maybe it’s your thighs, your tummy, side muffins, big/small/droopy boobies, your un-toned arms… Whatever it is, we can make adjustments to our fashion choices each day, to make these areas less obvious.   We cover up, or wear something that doesn’t accentuate these parts, and emphasise our best assets so to feel more comfortable with what you’re wearing that day.

The truth is… I am a little self conscious about my “boot-ay.”   I know there is nothing wrong with it, I just feel a little exposed without something draped over it.   This is why I always like to wear long tops, jackets and constantly tie things around my waist!   Haha, now you know the reason!   These are the choices I make to my outfits, to ensure I feel great, and I do!

An item that I’m loving at the moment, is the Duster Jacket.   This type of piece is light, comfortable and gives a little coverage without being too hot to wear.   It covers my arms and also adds length to cover my the back of my jeans.   It makes me feel really great to wear a piece like this.    I feel safe, confident and stylish at the same time.   It also adds an extra layer and the more layers the better to give your get-up a little extra depth.

Do you have any items of clothing that you incorporate into your wardrobe to make you feel more comfortable about any self conscious areas?   Would love you to share them in the comments below!   It’s great to discover new tips on ways to make us look great.   We stick together us girls…

Have a great day guys xx

Jeans: Frame, Tank and Duster: American Vintage and Neck Tie: Chan Luu – all available from Janine Edwards Boutique, Loafers: Gucci, Bucket Bag: Mon Purse, Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson Frame and Clip, iPhone Case: Richmond & Finch


Image Credit: Ruby Henderson


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