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Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing out some really great new beauty products.   I’ve had the same skin routine since I was sweet sixteen, so this is definitely going out of my comfort zone.   I’m really happy with the results however!   Here is my latest fifideluxe product review…


Dermalogica is a favourite with many women and also with the beauticians.   I’ve been using the Gel Cleansing Lotion, Multivitamin Thermofoliant, 50 + Solar Defence Booster and Age Reversal Eye Complex.   I’m really impressed with the results of the Thermal Skin Exfoliant.   The microgranules gently polish the skin leaving it feeling immediately buffed and rejuvinated.   The eye serum is a new product for Dermalogica containing Retinol, regenerating Peptides and Vitamin C.   This powerful combination of ingredients help to reverse the signs of aging and strengthen against fine lines.   It’s super rich and decadent giving supreme moisture around your eye area.



The new fragrance Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein is exactly what it’s name implies.  It’s a really sensual scent that blends beautifully with the skin and settles well and early.
Sephora Eyeliner in Smart Black and Rouge Infusion from The Neutrals collection are the perfect purse size addition.


Another beauty product I’ve been loving is the Campbell and Moss Oxygenated Face Balm.   It’s made of Australian organic Olive Oil and Ozone (activated oxygen) and is just amazing.

If you’re a seasoned facial lover, you may have had a High Frequency treatment with your beauty therapist at some point.   This procedure directs ozone into the skin through an electrode which kills bacteria, rejuvinates and oxygenates.   Ozone has so many benefits for your skin.   My mum used to send me for a treatment if I had a pimple break out and it literally killed the little infestation.   This product is like this treatment in a jar, I just love the scent of the ozone!   You apply the rich olive oil based gel and you get an instant sensation of healing and calm.   I totally love this product!

OPI polish with glitter base Sunrise Bedtime and blood red Can’t Read Without My Lipstick are doing it for me at the moment.   These colours are right on trend and are a superior polish with lasting ability.


Bangle: Amber Sceats, Boots: Gianvitto Rossi

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