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How often do you look at the back of a top or dress and think…”how pretty is the back!?”… Well, I’m here to tell you it’s positively and absolutely acceptable to wear it backwards.   Why not?   This sweet shirt was so easy to flip around and I was able to wear the buttons down the back to showcase the detailed embroidery at the front.

The great thing about doing something like this is that you can kind of have two tops in one.   It’s of course great as a shirt worn the right way around as well.

All you have to do it cut off any tags that might be in the way which is easily done.   The only thing you have to watch for, is more structured pieces.   These are cut especially to accommodate the curvature of the shoulders, arms or back.   This piece however is a no-brainer, as it falls symmetrically.

So next time you see a pretty piece that has a lovely back keep in mind that you can wear it both ways!   Do you ever do this or have an item of clothing you could see yourself flipping?   I would love to know about it in the comments below!

Have a great day guys, xx


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