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Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to wear a skirt over a pant. It kind of shows my age though because a fashion century (or two!) ago we used to do it all the time and I hated giving it up. I had to suck myself out of that trend like nobody’s business. It wasn’t pretty…

I can’t believe it’s happening again. But I kind of feel scared to go too far into this trend, in case I’m drawn in again and feel the devastation all over when it’s time to move on and shed this awesome extra layer. I think I was truly heartbroken all those years ago!

I really dig this trend because it gives your look a real fashion edge and is actually surprisingly wearable. It can also give you a bit of added confidence because you get good coverage over the back with the length and double fabrication. I hate showing off my tooshie, so this is one way to hide it well. Kind of like tying a jacket around your waist! Ha ha…

There are heaps of variations here.  The skirt over pants is a really easy way to slip into this trend and test the waters.   I’ve chosen a high waisted short skirt for this look, however equally as cool is a low waisted or long skirt (try pleats). A high waist gives a lengthening effect and makes your look taller and your legs longer which we all love.

Also, try a dress over pants or denim jeans for another take on this trend. After all, it’s all about layering and this is one way to layer right.   Whether you chose a minimal or bold style, it gives super dynamic proportions to your simple top and jeans go to look.

The type of pant to wear under your skirt or dress can range from your favourite skinny jeans to a cropped flared hem or wide leg pant. You can change it up with mid or long dresses to create different silhouettes and either a striking strappy heel or a pretty flat would be equally as gorgeous.

Now a word on the big sleeves. This trend is so cool and I’m just loving the volume and wow factor they bring to your outfit. Statement sleeves are it at the moment! Although, beware… There’s no surprises when I say they are totally impractical. It can be a challenge so think about where you’re planning on wearing a shirt like this. I suggest no eating. Sipping champagne is a definite exception! Fashion is fashion, right girls?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these trends in the comments below and if you’ve tested it out!

Lots of love,

Shirt: Anna Quan Blue Trim Anne Shirt, Skirt: Storets Viya Check Wrap Skirt, Jeans: J Brand Flares available in store at Janine Edwards Boutique or online here, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Earrings: Mimco, Sunglasses: Celine available at in store at Janine Edwards Boutique or online here


Image Credit: Maddison Verity

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