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OMG life is sooooo busy! Whether you work, run a business or charity, have a tribe of children (a.k.a. me) or just live your life to the fullest each day, time is precious. For moi, the mornings are so jam packed, it’s almost impossible to think up a nice outfit quickly from top-to-toe.

Many of us opt for jeans and tee shirt or exercise wear when we’re racing out the door. Well, who wouldn’t? A couple of mornings a week when I don’t have time to think, I’ll wear my cool gym gear with some sleek Nikes. Chic, stylish and certainly acceptable for a day running errands and school/kindy drop offs. I even wear my work out wear into work sometimes (even if I have no intentions of working out!).

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However, if you really want to style up your outfits for the week and time is limited, a bit of pre-styling can get you sorted and actually save you a heap of time in the morning. Not to mention make it a lot less stressful! If you have a spare hour or so on a weekend, you can get your key outfits together and be super organised. Here are some tips to get you pre-outfit ready.

Calculate your key events for the week

It may be work, a meeting, lunch with friends, even casual outfits for running errands. Note these down and get styling on get-ups for these specific occasions.

Style your outfits to completion

This is key! Everything from shoes, bag, belt, sunglasses and jewellry. Even nail polish colour! Try the outfit on and get the whole look finished. It can take a while to get it right, so keep trying on until it’s done and dusted. Continue until they are all pre-planned and ready to go.

Create a styling nook

I know this may be impossible, but if you can spare a white wall or clear a section of racking in your closet, you’ll have space to think and line up all your outfits for the week. A fresh rack allows you to be inspired and see your clothes clearly. Investing in a small rack is a great place to get creative. There’s a stylist in all of us! Check out this great rack from Ikea. I have a number of these racks and they are life.   Clean, minimal, hardy and less than $10 each. When we used to live in an apartment a while back, I claimed a wall in the hallway. The outfits were always completed and hanging beautifully on the rack, so it kinda looked like a piece of artwork and didn’t bother anyone!

Don’t know where to start with your outfit?

I always like to chose an item of clothing I’d really like to wear and work the outfit around this piece. It may be a new stripe shirt, some denim jeans or a great pair of shoes I haven’t worn in a while. From here I add to the outfit until I’m happy with how it looks. Remember colours in similar tones always work together and connecting accessory tie-ins will help you create a harmonious look.

Take a photograph on your phone

Taking a quick snap can refresh your memory and remind you how it all went together. Remember on those hectic mornings, there is no time to think about it! Ha, lucky to even get out the door sometimes!

The night before

Doing your nail polish, washing and drying your hair, fake tan application and any other small jobs should be done the night before. Having these small things done assist in a smooth and stress free morning.

Outfits for The Week

Store everything on your styling rack for easy access through the week and clear outfits once worn to make room for new combinations. If you have any questions or would like a How To on any other ideas, drop me a comment below or send an email!

Have a great week guys!  xx

1. Blush knit Cardigan: American Vintage, Tank: Joie, Pink pants: NSF Clothing, Platform Loafers: Stella McCartney, Bag: Chloe Faye Medium in Mottey Grey
2. White Dress: Love Shack Fancy, Denim Jacket: Odd Molly – past season, similar (here) Shoes: Wittner, Bag: Marc By Marc Jacobs
3. Tank: NSF Zuma Tank, Shorts: Frame, similar (here) Jacket: American Vintage (past season), Boots: Wittner – past season selection here, Bag: Proenza Schouler
4. Bomber Jacket: Equipment – available in store at Janine Edwards Boutique, Top: Joie – available in store at Janine Edwards Boutique, Jeans: J Brand step hem, Slides: Wittner, Bag: Proenza Schouler Satchel in White, Shirt: Free People – available in store at janine edwards Boutique
5. Jeans: 3 x 1, Jacket: Joie – available in store at Janine Edwards Boutique, Hat: Shoes: Gucci Loafers, Bag: YSL Cross Body Bag, Belt: Frame
Available in store at Janine Edwards Boutique, Sunglasses: Le Specs, Grey Denim vest: J Brand – Past Season, Trainers: Adidas Original Stans


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