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We’ve all done it a million times before. Thrown a bunch of clothes in a bag  in hopes of creating last minute outfits when we’ve reached our destination. I for one knows the stress that brings. How many times have we had to meet in the hotel lobby for 6.30 drinks whilst still trying to piece together an appropriate holiday get up? Not to mention your husband telling you to “hurry up” when you’re still trying to think about what wear! Ugggg…

A thoughtful and precise pack is the answer. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the perfect weekender, so there is only one thing left to do… Enjoy!

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Plan your Events

Did you check out my last styling post How to Pre Style Your Outfits for the Week? A little preparation around the events you have on can save you time and stress, so let’s begin with the agenda. What have you got planned? How many nights will you be going out for dinner? What’s happening through the day?

Whether you are planning on relaxing on sandy beaches and drinking cocktails all day, going on an adventure of some sort or stepping it up in a beautiful city,  you need to structure your outfits around the elements, environment and purpose of your trip.

The particular trip I’m planning here is for few days in the Barossa Valley, South Australia with the husband. The schedule consists of day tripping, wine tasting and eating 7 course degustation dinners every night. Sound like I should be taking my pregnancy jeans, right? Don’t worry, all the jeans included are super comfy…

All in all, I have to organise three day outfits for the day trips and three outfits for dining out. So six key outfits to plan.

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Research the Weather

Depending on what season you’re traveling to, a bit of research can really help with your planning. Google the weather forecast to get a pretty good idea of the temperatures for day and night.

However! No matter what, I always pack for both seasons just in case there is a cool change or it really warms up. Always take a jacket and a knit for cooler nights and a few tanks and a pair of open toe sandals on the odd chance it gets super warm! Tanks and camis are always good to take when away so you can layer up or cool down. This way you’re covered.

I checked the weather in the Barossa. Warm days but cool nights. So excited to take a jacket, it’s been 100 degrees on the coast lately!

Night Outfits

My three night outfits above – done and dusted!

Culling & Re Using Items

Can you see two pairs of boots? Can you see a pair of jeans in a similar colour that you could wear two or three times? Pull out a couple of pieces if you see a double up. As you can see in my final selection – I have a coat, jacket, a couple of tops, jeans/pants, plus a knit and few extra tees.

I’m all for taking absolutely everything you need, however preferencing certain items that can be worn again reduces your luggage weight.

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Line up all your accessories so you can see them and make sure they will work with all your outfits to reduce packing space.

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The complete rack consisting of three day outfits and three night outfits.


Okay, obviously we can’t take 5 bags, so chose two (or three!) that will go with everything and you can mix and match if you feel like changing it up. Check you have a tight group of shoes that can interchange with outfits if you need to.


Organize underwear, sleep wear and exercise gear if you’re planning on going on any walks or hitting the hotel gym. Throwing in a spare casual outfit is also a great idea and I always add an extra t-shirt in case you need it.

Trust your pack

Be happy with your selection and wear with confidence. There is something quite enjoyable about going away with a tight collection of outfits, you can actually think clearly. Don’t have any regrets about what you should have taken or what you may have forgot. Just be happy with your outfits and enjoy your trip! One less thing to worry about!

It’s a good feeling to have everything out in clear view so you can visualise what you’re going to wear while you’re away. All in all, a tight and thorough pack is always better. However definitely better to have more than not enough, so always throw that extra piece in if you can’t live with out it. Spoken like a true fashionista!

Have any styling tips you would like to read about? Let me know in the comment box below and I’ll do a post just for you! : ) xx





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