the statement piece and why you need one

Absolutely and positively monumental! A statement piece is a precious baby that must live in your wardrobe…

Whether it’s a fabulous jacket, vest or coat, owning something special with a tonne of “WOW” factor, will be your go-to piece when your outfit needs a little “lift”.

You will unassumingly be leaving an impression left, right and center. By throwing on something supremely fabulous, all your fashion problems will be solved (not necessarily personal problems, sorry ; ) as you transform a relatively plain outfit into something runway ready.

Vest: MIH Jeans, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Bag: YSL, Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo Andie, Bracelet: Marc Jacobs


A statement piece is an imperative part of a balanced wardrobe. With all your basics, denims, separates and accessories, these rather remarkable commodities add a value not seen in the other closet divisions.   It’s in the bulky goodness department with your coats and knitwear. As a piece of the wardrobe pie, I like to think of it as the icing on the cake component. Hmmm… that was very serious (insert silly face emoji here).

The other great reason to have one of these bad boys hanging at the ready, is for when you’re in a super rush. Take a basic outfit, jeans and tee kind of look. Can’t think, no time, running out the door kind of morning? No problems! Throw this guy on and voila! Instant coolness, people glancing sideways kinda effect.

My favourite stand out piece is this huge grey faux fur cropped coat from a few seasons ago, check it out here. Whenever I wear it everyone comments on how much they love it and I always feel pretty epic when it’s rocking. It’s become kind of a pet to me. Just adore it and bring it out when I need some love. Do you dig this MIH one? Oh, the goodness!

So if you haven’t already taken the plunge and are ready to do so, where do you start? These pieces should be rather large and chunky. Usually consisting of interesting textures and materials like faux furs, patchworks and quilting in an array of beautiful colours that appeal to your taste. Whatever you decide to go for, just make sure it’s like, totally amazing.

Love you guys xx

Jeans: MIH Jeans, Top: Free People, Vest: MIH Jeans, Bag: Mon Purse, Shoes: Wanted Shoes, Sunglasses: Chloe, Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Photography: Ruby Henderson

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