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Fashion blogging is a huge job. There are so many areas that need to be covered and so much that goes into a post before you actually hit the ‘publish’ button. Everything from developing ideas, styling, content creation, writing, streamlining your social media channels, photo shoots and editing, communication and collaborations, engagement, the list goes on!  (and on and on)…  Not to mention how the industry constantly changes. It’s hard to keep up with this fascinating and ever evolving new world. I know you hear me blogging babes!

I used to shoot everything and anything. Just loads of outfits that I loved with no real direction. I’ve since learnt that in this market, every post needs to be rich with informative, valuable content that offers something for your reader.

For me time is so precious, so shooting an outfit post needs to be done effectively and quickly. When planning a photo shoot, here are some styling and planning ideas on how to make the most of your precious photography time!

Plan A Story

What is your post going to be about? Every blog has to be relevant and with a strong message. After all, it’s a big honor for someone to actually visit your website and read your article, am I right? You want to make sure your post can help in some way, answer a question, offer some specific advice or give a kick ass outfit idea. Hopefully they will be inspired in some way and enjoy reading it, so they return again! Whether it’s a product review, styling tips, a “how to” or brand collaboration, a well thought out plan is the answer to a complete and purposeful post.

Time Management

When planning for a shoot, I make sure everything is organised prior to keep to a realistic frame time when on location. It would be nice to shoot everyday and at will, however for many this is just not a realistic option. I always style the post to completion and take a photograph of each outfit on my phone so everything is ready to go for shoot day. You will know the exact outfit you are going to shoot, right down to the earrings. Use your snaps as a reference to remember exactly how you styled it when in the midst of a hectic shoot!


I like to create a visual story with a nice aesthetic where possible. Your readers may not realise, but if the content flows as they scroll your article, they will really enjoy the aspect of it (even without knowing it). In this up coming post which I have photographed, I am covering the Storets brand. I have tied the hero pieces back to staple basics and highlighted some key trends as well. Cream, tan and black is featured as the base of the story. Connecting handbags, shoes and sunglasses in with each outfit through similar colour themes is a really nice way to make everything streamline. I have also strategically added a few items that I’ve been gifted to make the most out of the content for re post opportunities.

One outfit or two (or three?)

I used to post one outfit at a time. However by building the post around two or three outfits, it really gives your reader the motivation to pop on over to your website and say hi. It’s going to give them two or three times the reason to check out your post by offering them more inspiration, more ideas, just more… It can be built around a topic like “Three light wash denim styles” or “How to wear florals.” This gives each post a real density, thick and rich with information (not to mention complimented by the beautiful visuals that you’ve created).


Loading all your gear, heading to your location and doing numerous outfit changes in your car (and usually either extreme heat or cold conditions) is definitely not the most glamorous part of the job. I always keep outfits hung on racks after steaming or ironing until the very last minute before hanging them on the rear seat handles. I carefully put shoes and bags into separate laundry baskets so everything can be seen clearly. Hair and make up, accessories and sunglasses can be put on trays or in containers to keep everything together and easily accessible. Hang everything up quickly as you shoot to save time at the other end or ask your photographer or assistant to help you if you have one.

Ruffles, sparkles and mesh” was a post I recently published. I created the visual story board on my Ikea rack and white wall so I could see everything clearly. When styling the outfits, I used a selection of non conflicting pieces like a skirt, jean and pant to offer options for the featured items to shine.

For my recent “For the Love of Leopard” story, I had two key pieces I needed to feature. I introduced black basics and leather to lift this iconic print. I always include a more casual look including denim. By incorporating two looks instead of one in the post, I gave it a density by offering more options and ideas.

I published a post featuring “Active wear for busy mumma” last week. By covering three outfits in the post it gave my readers a real reason to visit my website to check it out. I chose a white, black and grey colour palette for the feature to harmonize the outfits and create a story.

Final Note

By being prepared and knowing your exact schedule, you can nail your shoot and be as effective as possible with your time. This gives you more time for stage two. Editing the images!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you would like to hear more tip and strategies I use to navigate my way through this world… Happy blogging guys! xx








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  1. Madeleine says:

    Great post!! I learned so much from this, I’m going to start trying your tips right away! xo

  2. Fiona says:

    yay and thank you so much for reading my love!! xx

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