the new philippe model trainers are all the rage

literally the coolest kicks ever!

Philippe Model Tropez Bassa Sneaker in Pink & Brown Camo

Trainers, sneakers, kicks…whatever you like to call them, this particular species of footwear is super cool right now.    And I mean UBER cool.
Gone are the days when your plain white and green Dunlop Volleys were strictly for the school yard or Sunday tennis with the neighbors.   Today’s trainers are at “next level” status and they keep rising up and up in the fashion stakes.

These days this comfortable footwear option can be as simple or as highly decorated as you want.   Glitter, embroidery, patent leather, unique materials and colours are everything and the styling possibilities are endless.   Of course they go with your casual every day or active wear perfectly, however these days you can pair them with insanely cool outfits and it’s totally acceptable.

It’s literally the norm now to wear your trainers with the most epic of outfits, which once would be accompanied by some sleek boots or heels.    These polished toes are even standard in most work places these days.   True story!

Another everyday outfit that works beautifully with these tonal trainers, I adore the bronze glitter in these ones.   Sitting pretty on our Janine Edwards Boutique shelf are the
Philippe Model Bronze Tropaz Sneaker in Bronze

Fancy kicks in my pilates gear!
Lorna Jane Tights with my Phillipe Model Bright Bassa Sneaker in Gold Grid

These ones have little birds on them!   Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous!?

Adding a fun little twist with some fishnet socks, so cute!

Philippe Model Tropex Sneaker in Black and White Camo

I love to wear a really stylish outfit like this and pair it with some trainers, it keeps the look clean but tones it down and gives it a chic casual feel.

Philippe Model Tropez Sneaker in Grey and Silver

Pairing a trainer with a skirt or dress is such a fun way to style your outfit!   Pictured here in a recent post and with some active wear.   Philippe Model Tropez Bassa Sneaker in Black and White with Silver Glitter.

The best thing about wearing a trainer is they are so comfortable.   I mean, I’m a die hard fashionista…But you have to agree that a pair of glorified sneakers are a hell of a lot more easy on the feet than some 3 inch high heels.   I want to know who you are if you disagree!     For me a day running errands is 100% comfort day so the trainers are on.

Whatever style you choose, one thing for sure is if you have a sneaker day, it’s like heaven on earth.   I feel happy, rested and healthy.   And a bit cool.   Oh and personally, I still dig the Dunlops : )

How do you wear yours?   Comments in the box below my friends! xx

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