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everything you need to know about Australian Fashion Week!

Pictured with Aicha Robertson and photographed by Nick Azar

Pictured with Aicha Robertson and photographed by Nick Azar

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was everything I imagined and more!   It was so much fun to attend as a blogger this year, really immerse myself in the week and soak up all the action.   My posse and I were all a tad excited and just
had the best time ever!
However there was a lot of work to do.   Processing the content you capture is a big job (unless you have an assistant or two, haha) so we were constantly trying to get back to our laptops to edit photos and start writing.   As well as uploading the action to our social media platforms as quick as possible so our audience could see what was happening first hand!

The Event

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, organised by IMG Fashion is the largest Australian fashion event on our calendar and showcases the countries leading designer Resort collections.   It’s held annually at the Carriageworks in Eveleigh about 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD with selected shows at different locations.   The shows are just amazing and the atmosphere is electric.   It’s a really inspiring few days.

Who can go to MBFWA?

You have to be involved in the fashion industry in some way or be invited by a designer.   For instance you may be a blogger,  influencer, stylist, photographer, retail buyer, celebrity, press etc.   You can register online with MBFWA and they will assess your circulation and send a confirmation email should you be approved as a Delegate.

Becoming a Delegate allows you to access the venue, however doesn’t guarantee you invitations to the runway shows.      The designers and PR companies know you’re on the list, from here they can invite you at their discretion.   You can also email the designer’s PR’s and request an invitation.

Pictured with Friend in Fashion and Twice Blessed. Image by Nick Azar.

Pictured with Friend in Fashion and Twice Blessed. Image by Nick Azar.

The Carriageworks

Everything you could possibly need is at the Carriageworks to make your day comfortable.   There are a few areas to sit and relax as well as a kiosk, coffee bar and a restaurant.   Upstairs is the Recharge Lounge where you can chill, have a sugar hit, charge your phone, do some work or get a five minute shoulder and neck massage (I had one and it was amazing).    There is also the VIP Star lounge (for extra special people : )

The Carriage Works food


There are lots of ways to travel to and from the Carriageworks. A shuttle bus takes you between locations which was such a great service, a total savior a few times and actually really fun! You can of course get taxis or an uber around as well.

We hired a car and paid for parking on site. It was $38 for the whole day and just 100 meters walk to the front entrance so was easy peasy. It was so good as it doubled as a mobile wardrobe. We had a sneaky costume change in between shows to make the most of the experience and get extra outfit posts for our Instagrams and blogs against the Carriageworks backdrop.


Depending on how many shows you go to, the week is completely hectic. I had a full schedule with shows almost every hour. I really had to plan everything prior to arriving in Sydney, so I was as stress free as possible.   If you have all your outfits completed and ready it makes everything much smoother.  This way you’re not freaking out last minute trying to pull them together.   Being organised with what you’re going to wear would have to be the most important thing for me!

Make sure to download the GPS Radar App and that you have RSVP’d to all your shows and they have synced with the App. Otherwise to be safe you can print them off prior or at the counter when you arrive by scanning your bar codes. The App also has directions to all the show locations. It’s so cool!

What To Take

Make sure you have everything you need from make up, money, keys, sunglasses, phone, DSLR camera (charger, memory card etc if you’re taking one) mints and don’t forget to take some Panadol or Neurofen. Walking and standing in heels most of the day means you can get pretty achy and exhausted. I definitely popped a few pills over the duration of the week!

Blogger Babes

It’s super important to have a little crew or a Blogger Bestie to go with. Not only do you have someone to share the excitement with, but you can take each other’s photos as well.

We had a little Queensland crew that consisted of friend Yvette Hardy from the @fashionevolve and myself from the Gold Coast and Aicha Robertson of The Fashion Heist and her partner and photographer Nick Azar from Brisbane.   We all had the best time together and it made the whole week so much fun.

Yvette Hardy and Aicha Robertson, image by Nick Azar

The Fashion

Everyone pulls out all the stops with their outfits so it’s a delectable fashion spread and oh so inspiring.   I noticed some people  went really over the top, while others wore their everyday “fashion uniform” keeping things pretty minimal.

One of the biggest things I believe is you should always stay true to your style and wear outfits that represent you through Fashion Week. There is just no point wearing a really cool outfit that you would never usually wear, it’s super obvious and can look like you’re trying too hard.   It’s definitely the time to pull out your best stuff, just stuff that’s you…

The Vibe

The vibe was electric!   It was a fashion lovers dream with a great buzz in the air.   Everyone is as fashion obsessed as each other so you don’t feel out of place! I met so many people and they were all lovely, I loved making new connections and met some amazing bloggers who I really admire.   It was actually a really friendly environment.

Street Style Photographers

It was pretty cool to have my outfits snapped a few times by photographers. They really like to photograph people when they’re just chatting away or waiting for the next show, not so much “posing” for the camera.   Sometimes if you are getting snapped, a few more photographers will come over at the same time and make the most of the opportunity.   It was amazing to see some of the bigger bloggers get papped, they are so good at it!   It was like a frenzy at times! Ahhh to be fashion famous…

fashion photographers

Some Highlights!

Standing in the coffee queue with Christine Centenera and chatting to Zanita Whittington on the shuttle bus after the Bec & Bridge show where definite high points for me!   Haha!   However mostly connecting with some amazing bloggers and influencers who are a part of my fifideluxe community.   I feel we know each other so well in the cyber world so meeting them in person was extra special.

Wrap Up

All in all MBFWA was just incredible.   Being super organised really allowed me to have a great time and enjoy the shows.   I can’t wait for next year!











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