the slimming jean

frame's on trend answer to the perfect mom jean

Frame deans with black boots, denim jacket and coat

These could quite possibly be one of my all time favourite denim jean styles… Why?

Well, this tricky little shadow gusset detailing at the side, gives an unquestionable slimming effect on your hips.   In this case, the illusion is very effective, don’t you think?   I’m feeling a tad Jessica Rabbit like!

Shadow piece on side of jeans

The slimming jeans in action

In addition to this effective little detail, they’re a high waist “mom style” silhouette that’s right on trend.   Plus a straight leg that cuts off at the perfect ankle level.   I’m thinking boots, trainers, strappy sandals…  Hmmm, anything goes.   Oh, not to mention they’re the softest, most wearable denim fabrication ever…

Slimming Frame jeans paired with denim jacket and boots


Today I felt like wearing them with a t-shirt and denim jacket.   It’s a “no-brainer” and fool proof outfit choice.   Plus, denim on denim is so totally right on these days.   Oh, and here I go again with my trench add on.   It’s just cool…

I’m feeling more and more comfortable pulling off a style like this.   Even though they are pretty standard among the bloggers, celebrities and general “it” girls, wearing a pair of high waisted “mom jeans” is a pretty big deal for your average “skinny jean” girl.   There is definitely a gap to bridge when it comes to a big trend style like this, especially one that’s questionable in it’s flattering aspects.   It has to filter it’s way through to the masses and this takes time for acceptance to kick in.

This high fashion cut is definitely becoming more the “norm” and appreciated for their “new sexy” features.   After all, Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer all rocked them in the 80’s and how gorgeous were they?

Anyhoo, these jeans totally rock and I can vouch for them… If you’re going to road test a high waisted, straight leg this is a great place to start.   The slimming hips are a definite win win!   I’m giving these 10/10.   Seriously.   I LOVE them!

What are your thoughts and are you in a similar style yet?   Let me know my loves xx

Tee: Zoe Karssen Darling Tee, Jeans: Frame Le Garcon in Elton, Denim Jacket: NSF Clothing Pixie Denim Jacket, Trench: Frame Classic Trench, Boots: Wittner Marlo Boot, Bag: Furla Metropolis cross Body Bag

Image Credit: Maddison Verity





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