the floral dress

a fresh way to wear this iconic piece

Floral dress and jeans

The floral dress.   An unmistakably girly, pretty and feminine piece that has stayed strong as ever through the test of fashion time.   Generally worn in the day or can be toughened up for evening or an event with a more dramatic print in strong colours.   However, this little darling is all grown up these days.   Here are a few ways to put a twist on her…

floral dress on light blue jeans holding denim jacket, metallic sliders

The floral dress has taken a nice little shift this season being seen on bloggers and celebrities alike and layered with other key pieces.   Like over some awesome ripped and frayed denim, as I have done here.   By opening it up it almost becomes a top over jeans and is just so cool.   You can really utilise the tuck in here which adds some nice bunched up volume and messy-ness.   I would also wear it completely unbuttoned and open as a light jacket flowing and billowing as you walk in the wind over a cute tank and either skirt or pants.

denim jacket over floral dress

jacket paired with floral dress

soft blue denim jacket over floral print

Another strong trend is to toughen up your floral dress to give it a nice edge.  Like with some black ankle boots, a leather biker, denim or tailored jackets and chic accessories like big sunglasses, on trend belts and cute bags.   This is really the only way I would wear a floral dress these days!   Literally loaded with extras.

Denim floral combo with silver shoes

Frayed end cropped jeans, silver metallic shoes and floral

Of course you can still keep it simple and wear it as it was intended.   As a simply gorgeous dress that speaks for itself… Wearing a floral dress instantly takes you back to the past and makes you feel beautiful.   There is something angelic, pure, lady like about wearing one.   Whether you decide to re-invent your floral dress or keep it natural, you’ll find it hard not to feel special

Love to all xx

DRESS: Love Shack Fancy Rebecca Dress
JEANS: 3 X 1 Austin Crop Jeans
JACKET: L’Agence Celine Powder Jacket
SLIDES: Balenciaga Studded Metallic Sandals

Image Credit: Madisson Verity

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