a leather skirt to love…

cool, just cool I say...

Oh my.   How about this leather skirt?   I’m so in love…   The details are literally perfect!   It fits beautifully and this is paramount with leather as there is no room for error with the cut.

It’s oh so buttery soft and heavenly to wear.   It’s crazy cool and I like how it’s a little slouchy too, the studding gives it great definition.

I think the number one pairing for a leather skirt is a monochrome palette, however any colour will compliment this impressive style.   It really shines with ivory, let’s it stand alone and be proud.

This ruffle silk blouse is such a wardrobe staple and is super elegant and a real classic.   You could wear it so many ways and incorporate it into lots of different looks.   It’s a sure winner.

Are you feeling the slide movement right now?   There’s been a heavy shift that’s trickled it’s way into the masses.   This is when you know a trend has really hit and made an impression.

Slides are acceptable with the most discerning of outfits like a chic tailored suit or gorgeous dress.   Equally at home with your everyday get ups like denims and a tee.

Yes, it’s true this outfit would look awesome with heels or boots, however they just slay with these fun fur slides.    Don’t you think?   Pool slides, chunky slides, jewelled slides, feminine slides… You name it, slides are where it’s at.

So basically I just love this outfit!   Each piece look great individually or worked back with other wardrobe staples…

Now how are all your Christmas preparations going?   The hubs and I got through a fair lot of shopping the other day, it was so good to really tick things off the list.   Have you seen Bad Moms 2 yet?   It wasn’t as funny as the first one, however I did relate to the Christmas overload on mums each year.   It certainly causes a lot of stress!    Even though I try to tone it down each year, it doesn’t seem to happen.

We did put up our Christmas tree today however, it was so special to see little Jack Bass so excited.   It was such a joy.   It reminded me what it’s all about!   Just have to remember to enjoy every moment, because before we know it, it will be half way through January 2018 and we will be into another year.   They are not slowing down at all!

Anyway, hope it’s all going well and let me know where you’re up to with all you shopping below!

Lots of love xx

SHIRT: IRO Paris Simo Blouse
SKIRT: IRO Paris Mupper Leather Skirt
SUNGLASSES: Vieux Bordeaux Sunglasses
BAG: Sancia Babylon Bar Bag
EARRINGS: Lovisa Filigree Cross Earrings
SHOES: Chloe Kerenn Shierling Slides

Image Credit: Madisson Verity


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