the laced up skirt of the season

plus some personal thoughts for the day...

Well, well, well… What have we got here?   A dang cool skirt, I must say!   It’s all about high-waisted midi skirts at the moment and this one is an absolute cracker!   I love to tuck a big oversized tee or knit into the top and let it balloon out at the back.   There’s something a little sexy about this look and it’s definitely got street style appeal…

Golly, the shoe options are endless here, however for today I’ve chosen some divine neoprene boots to compliment the black.    They pick up little dark flecks in the chunky jacket as well (which was my little pop of colour in case you didn’t notice ; ) See, colour can be added in very subtle ways!   I love the distressed black wash and snug stretch to it.   It’s a definite winner.

On a personal note…I’ve been a little tired lately.   I’m definitely feeling the pressure of every day life.    I know many of you are in the same boat as me, am I right?   Far out, life is hectic!

We all have our own story, but for me the busy day to day happenings of family life with three small children, working as much as I can through the day and managing the blog, running a household, maintaining cherished friendships and trying to squeeze in a bit of maintenance or me time really doesn’t seem to fit into a seven day week.   Today we are so hyper stimulated, driven to fit as much into our lives as possible, running ourselves ragged.   Today is a very different world for us and the next generation.

Usually I sit up late and work on my blog which I love so much.   However at the moment I’m just so exhausted, I want to curl up in bed, watch some TV and fall asleep.   I have been fighting through it for a while.   Well, to be honest since baby two and three came onto the scene!   I’m kind of fragile right now and feel I need to listen to my body.   I know I’m pushing it to the limits and need to give it a break before it breaks.

The biggest thing is being responsible for three small humans.   Being fit, healthy in both body and mind and in optimal condition is paramount to keep the wheels in motion.   As mummas, we need to make sure we’re rested to be able to give our families the best of ourselves and be present.   Be there and in good state of mind.   Instead of being completely fried.   We really need to care for ourselves in today’s busy world.   This positive and more relaxed energy, can only benefit our children and help them to be calm and happy in their lives too.

I wish I could work full time and be a full time mum.   Unfortunately this scenario is not possible.   We have to be realistic and set goals that are achievable.   It’s such a fine line, but we have to endeavour to find balance, or the scales could tip… Life is a journey, a learning experience, a work in progress.   How blessed we are and thankful we must be.

So for me right now?   Instead of pushing through the exhaustion at the end of the day, I’m just going to go upstairs and curl into bed when the kids finally go down.   I’m going to take that couple of hours before sleep to rest and recuperate.   It’s what I need right now.

I may not be bombarding you with my consistent content (I have pretty much posted on Instagram every day since March 2013).   Rather, my work will be popping up at an organic rate in relation to my current state.   No pressure.   That sounds nice for a while.   But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get sick of that pretty soon…

Tell me, how are you going balancing your busy life and how is your current state of mind?   Do you feel you may need to make some adjustments?   I know I’m not alone… Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below!

Take care my loves, you’re amazing xx

Image Credit: Maddison Verity


SUNGLASSES: Prada BOOTS: Wittner Merlo Boot

2 Responses to “the laced up skirt of the season”

  1. Saskia says:

    What a beautiful post!! I love your honesty, your super mama to soo many of us and to know that your also human, doesn’t make me feel so bad. You really raise the bar!! (Def an over achiever) Rest up my love you’ll be back bigger and better than before and even more inspired.

    Ps I bought that book for you as a Xmas gift. Hope you love it as much as I am.

    Keep doing your thing girl friend! We all love you ?

  2. Fiona says:

    Sassy, thank you for your comment! It means so much… Yes I think a bit of rest whenever we can is good for us… I think our convo on the weekend helped me sort out a lot of stuff too. You are inspirational to me! I cannot wait to receive the book, I think it’s really going to help even more. It makes so much sense, thank you babe…love you too xxx

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