burgundy and baby polka dot

a couple of cute combos for the burgundy/polka dot cautious...

A little touch of burgundy… Yes.   A little polka-dot.   Yes!   I couldn’t resist these two outfits that hint an approachable tone of burgundy, with a modest size polka-dot.   This is a burgundy/polka-dot combination for those of you who want to be a little daring, but not too out there!

Hunky Dory have always offered the most beautiful collections.   They are edgy, unique and superior in quality.   Each piece is special and has an individual touch.   I love the embroidered  star on the edging of this sheer shirt.   It’s the little things.

I’ve paired the shirt with these pretty awesome pants that are a little peek-a-boo in nature.   They certainly stand out and I haven’t seen many pants like this available at the moment so they will be pretty unique.

SHIRT: Hunky Dory Clinton Shirt
PANTS: 3 x 1 Lacey Midway Jeans
SHOES: Chloe Kerenn Shierling Slides
SUNGLASSES: Vieux Venice Sunglasses

The Hunky Dory burgundy silk skirt with polka-dots is layered and ruffled.   It’s a great piece for this season and is really versatile.   I’ve paired it with Hunky Dory paper thin cotton blouse, however I would also love to wear it with some trainers and a t-shirt for a casual occasion.

As a jacket option I’ve thrown on this Frame cut out shoulder jacket.  This is such an awesome heavy black cotton jacket that you literally just throw over your shoulders.   I love it!

The subtle polka-dot burgundy is a nice entry point for someone wanting to introduce a touch of sophisticated colour to their wardrobes.     I love both of these items and how they are styled with great wardrobe additions.

Let me know if you have any questions about the brand!


SHIRT: Hunky Dory Bert Skirt
SKIRT: Hunky Dory Mira Blouse
JACKET: Frame Le Cut Out Jacket
SUNGLASSES: Vieux Visage Sunglasses
SHOES: (similar) Rag & Bone Tamira Sandal
BAG: Hunky Dory in store at Janine Edwards Boutique Pacific Fair


Image Credit: Maddison Verity

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