mixing prints and textures

mush it up for something totally different this season!

I’m seeing so many gorgeous mixed mediums smashed together to create interesting, bold outfits lately.   Fashion Week runway and influencer street style is heavy on prints and tartan or plaid coats, back with decadent bold blocked colour pieces and edgy accessories.   Scarves tied and twisted on bags and unique sunglasses are all meshed in to create a true piece of “outfit art”.

Mixing a floral silk dress to a check coat as seen here would once have been questioned, however right now anything goes with a really heavy shift to making strong statements on the scene… Whether they makes sense or not.   And I’m loving it!!


Trainers with otherwise chic and elegant outfits (that were once saved strictly for heels and killer boots) are literally the norm.   Trainers with just about anything!

So my advice to you this season is…   Go find a cool floral/printed dress or skirt/pant back with top combo.   Throw in a bold block colour here and there… Add a coat that is completely backwards to what you would usually choose… AND ROCK IT SISTA!!!

Love to you all my loves xx

Shirt Dress: Equipment FR
Coat: L’Agence Fashion
Trainers: Adidas Originals
Sunglasses: Jimmi Choo
Bag:  Chloe Mini Faye

Image Credit: Maddison Verity

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