frame inspires with the new spring 2019 collection

70's inspired and earthy...

The new Frame Spring Summer 19 collection has a strong 70’s influence with beautiful earthy shades in soft, feminine silhouettes.

Our property in South East Queensland was the perfect backdrop to compliment the rusty tones throughout this delivery.   Cash and Max had to come into the picture, they were just too perfect to go back with this outfit!

Aren’t they just the most beautiful boys ever?   Lovely sweet natures and cheeky personalities.   Andrew mostly rides Cash (he’s on the left) and Addie or myself rides Max.   We even take Jack and Raffi for pony rides on them.   Jack loves to lead Cash around like a dog and he obliges without fail.   It took us months to work out the difference between them.   Cash has a slightly different shaped head to Max and is a little rounder in the neck and back.

It’s been so nice to shoot at our property lately.   I have been enjoying the beautiful landscapes and love how they really bring my outfits to life.   It’s nice to also share an insight into our country side.   I just hope we get some rain in our part of the world soon.   It’s so dry here.

The new Frame collection is now in store at Janine Edwards Boutiques.   For wholesale enquiries in Australia and New Zealand please contact Edwards Imports.


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