My Life


I was super inspired by a recent post by gorgeous LA Blogger Brittany Xavior of Thrifts and Threads featuring her beautiful daughter Jadyn. My little mini me has been wanting to be in a post for ages so I thought Seed was the perfect brand for her to make her debut in. How cute does she look! Not to mention her natural ability ; )

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jack’s christening

Just wanted to share some family photos of Jack’s recent Christening and first birthday. It was such a beautiful day filled with love, laughter and most importantly, the family and friends closest to our hearts.

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baby shower

My mum and sister-in-law put on a beautiful baby shower for me on the weekend, it was such a lovely morning.   We had around 50 guests made up of family and my closest girlfriends, and to top it all off the weather was perfect with the morning sun gleaming off the ocean.   The theme was obviously blue (so excited!) which was perfect because I am LOVING blue right now.

Caxton Street did the catering and it was immaculate as usual.   For sweet, we had babmino macaroons, lemon curd flowers and baby cupcakes.   For savory, they served hermes petit finger sandwiches with thyme chicken confit, tasmanian salmon with caper mascarpone, salmon gravlax bilini and baked spinich and feta cigars.    We also had fresh blood orange and watermelon juice, sparkling water and of course lots of French champagne!

A layer of white and baby blue helium filled balloons settled on the ceiling and fresh white roses throughout the house topped it all off.   I was so spoilt receiving the most beautiful gifts.   Boys are definitely a different story to girls!

It wasn’t an ideal lead up to the day however.   Addie went down with a tummy bug the morning before and it was touch and go there for a while as to whether or not it would proceed.   Poor little darling was not well at all (she looks so pale in the photos) but we dosed her up and she got through it.   Needless to say, I am still up with her through the night so hoping tomorrow she will turn a corner.

How am I going to cope with two babies and still style my outfits each day??  Let’s wait and see!!   xx