Styling Tips

how to pack for a weekend away

We’ve all done it a million times before. Thrown a bunch of clothes in a bag in hopes of creating last minute outfits when we’ve reached our destination. I for one knows the stress that brings. How many times have we had to meet in the hotel lobby for 6.30 drinks whilst still trying to piece together an appropriate holiday get up? Not to mention your husband telling you to “hurry up” when you’re still trying to think about what wear! Ugggg… A thoughtful and precise pack is the answer. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the perfect weekender, so there is only one thing left to do… Enjoy!

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tips to pre style your outfits for the week

OMG life is sooooo busy! Whether you work, run a business or charity, have a tribe of children (a.k.a. me ) or just live your life to the fullest each day, time is precious. For moi, the mornings are so jam packed, it’s almost impossible to think up a nice outfit quickly from top-to-toe…

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