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one leather skirt, two ways

A leather skirt is one of those luxury items that you may or may not indulge in. They are not for every day use, rather to be worn on special days or days you need to change it up a little. If you choose the right one, it will last a lifetime when stored and cared for properly. Leather after all, is simply a magical product that is made to last.

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playful pieces I love right now

I really love the Storets brand for interesting and affordable fashion items. The vast collection is really on trend and styles are quite flamboyant and allow you to experiment with fun styles without breaking the bank. I can’t tell you how many people commented when I wore this two tone pullover, it is certainly a statement piece that is super easy and comfortable to wear.

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lace inserts

I recently made the big switch to a Macbook. I really feel like I’ve moved to a country where English is a foreign language and have been stumbling aimlessly through the streets trying to find my way.   That being said, I have learnt the basic lingo like hello, goodbye and where is the ladies room, please?

My first post is finally up using a Mac and I stumbled through!   But as so many of you remind me, I’ll soon be happy speaking Apple.   I look forward to that moment.   Yep, a little behind and slightly uncool on the tech side… That’s gonna change!

On the fashion front.   We have Sydney media showings this week and it’s loads of fun.   Having taken our PR in house this season, we are presenting the collections to the press for the September/October issues and will be having a blogger gifting afternoon end of the week.   This is the best part!   Lots of J Brand, Frame and Equipment for Australia’s top influencers.   It’s Fashion week after all next week and flares are going to be a hit, mark my words!

In this outfit post, I’m wearing a lace top (a rare occasion), a super old Nolita skirt from the fifideluxe archives and a Hunky Dory sharp shouldered gilet.   Today is a good day.

Love to all xx

Top: Style Stalker, Skirt: Nolita, Gilet: Hunky Dory, Boots: Isabel Marant, Sunglasses: Tiffany, Bag: Chanel