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kinda casual, not


It’s really just the colour combination I love with this outfit… The skirt is a superb creamy caramel (I made hubby sticky date pudding with caramel sauce for his birthday tonight so I can vouch for that comment!) and it totally fits in the same box as the ever present rusty fall hues category…

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coachella dreaming


If I was going to Coachella this year, this would be outfit day 1.   Hmmm…   I think I need to plan a trip one year.   So I can incorporate cool outfits, cacti, dusty music festival sunsets and ferris wheels into my posts.   Definite priority.

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rusty hues


You simply must have this rusty hue in your wardrobe at the moment.   Whether it be a knit, bag or something more indulgent like a suede skirt, just one piece will put you on trend and amongst the fashion pack.

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Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?   For me, a little inspiration can go a long way.   For instance, the idea for this outfit came from seeing a young school girl waiting patiently at the bus stop on a chilly morning.   She was wearing her green and blue plaid uniform, with a grey cardigan, clumpy black leather shoes and was cold so had her denim jacket on over the top.   If only she knew how cool she looked in my eyes.

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As much as I love my skinny jeans, I can’t help but reach for a slouchy, over-sized option these days.   The volume coming through in current collections is utterly moreish and these epic proportions speak volumes in more ways than one.

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