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If you haven’t worked length into your skirts recently, you need to do so.   Long, floaty, floor length goodness is reaching heights in the world of fashion and I couldn’t be happier.   They can be any length below the knee to class as a long skirt…any style, any structure, any way, any how.

In this case – pleated, ground scraping, printed marble silk.   Yup, I know… So good.   I love to team a long skirt with a sharp blazer and throw a trench over for some layers.

As for these baby blue hydrangeas, how are they!?   I think they make this post.   Bliss.

Love you all xxxx

Jacket: J Brand, Skirt: Enza Costa, Trench: Hunky Dory, Shoes: Wittner, Bag: Alexander wang, Sunglasses: Dolce Gabbana, Flowers: Hydrangeas

Image Credit: Tane Meiring

kicking goals

I hope our son plays sport on Saturdays when he grows up.   If I end up being one of those soccer mums, this is what I’ll be wearing to cheer him on from the side lines.   Also suitable for a ballet mum as I’m already one of those.   New fashion predicaments, I like it!

I’m just loving comfort right now and these sleek Nike’s are doing the job.   I also feel more secure walking around with an 8 week old in hand, heels definitely need more brain space (which is what I’m lacking in at the moment!).

We just spent a week in Brisbane for the Ekka.   It was loads of fun and I find living in a hotel for a week can sometimes help the family re-group.   Baby was was sleeping well in the pram through the day so I think I’m going to continue this for a while.   The joys of getting a baby to sleep!

Did I tell you I took baby Jack to the Chiropractor?   I know, I know, some of you might be grimacing right now (my father was horrified) but it has definitely helped.   He was so miserable for a few weeks (as was the family) with awful reflux.   A good friend suggested baby Chiro and with the medication finally kicking in, he is much happier.   Even though I had a Cesarian, they had to use forceps…he was in a bad way poor little guy!   Anyway, I have to say… it was a pretty amazing experience.   He actually likes going for his treatment now, especially the part when he is swung upside down by his ankles.   Not kidding!

Jeans & Jacket: J Brand, Shirt: Enza Costa, Sneakers: Nike, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Sunglasses: Asos

Image credit: Jess Adcock

city street biker chic


Every once in a while I get a hunger pang to wear a punchy red tone and what could be better than this impressive plaid button up?   It simply pops but is toned down nicely by the greys and blacks accompanying it.   Just a hint of colour peeking through is good for me and leaves plenty to the imagination.

Back to my J Brands and this particular style rocks.   It’s a little biker chick with the washed grey and zipper details.   Cashmere, leather, suede heels and Chanel… I’m done xx

Leather Jacket: Muubaa, Shirt: Equipment, Crew: Enza Costa, Jeans: J Brand, Shoes: Kardashian Kollection, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Bag: Chanel

Image Credit: Jess Adcock

summer chic

Fast becoming one of my favourite labels, this voluminous soft cotton voile dress by Enza Costa has been a recent wardrobe staple.   If it’s a little longer than you would like, try hitching it up – it’s a cute look and nice to show a bit of leg.

This is pure easy dressing at it’s best.   Throw a printed blazer over your dress for a touch of chic, add some summer sandals and matching accessories and voila!

Dress: Enza Costa, Jacket: Joie Clothing, Sandals: Wittner Shoes, Sunglasses: Kardashian Kollection, Bag: Proenza Schouler, Earrings: Marc Jacobs, Bracelet: Vita Fede,

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography


Super tired… Exhausted even.   So can’t think.   All I can say is how cute is this little Enza Costa jumpsuit? And perfect back with this chic little white blazer. I love it!

Very excited for my baby shower on Saturday however.   It’s a blue theme…   Will post some pics for you!

Love to all xx

Jumpsuit: Enza Costa, Blazer: Virginie Castaway, Shoes: Wittner Fedora: Lack of Color, Sunglasses: Rayban, Watch: Kate Spade NY, Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rings: Diva

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography