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mixing prints and textures

I’m seeing so many gorgeous mixed mediums smashed together to create interesting, bold outfits lately. Fashion Week runway and influencer street style is heavy on prints and tartan/plaid coats, back with decadent bold blocked colour pieces and accessories. Scarves tied and twisted on bags are all meshed in to create a true piece of “outfit art”.

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ootd x two floral moments!

I just had to wear some florals! It’s so rare that I get the urge to be surrounded by these beautiful creatures but ugggh… One must do what one must do!!

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print twist


The perfect twist!   When mixing prints, there is always the question of “does this really work”? Well, the new Kate Moss X Equipment collaboration does all the hard work for you with their gorgeous selection of print clashes, so you know for sure you got it right…

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mustard, navy, plaid


Mustard silk, navy leather with black and white felt plaid.   Yummo.   Delicious textures and rich colours have me swooning!   Paired with some cute-as-pie flat loafers, you can’t go wrong.

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me to a tee


I would have to say this outfit is me to a tee… Of all the gear I whip up, a long white shirt, cashmere knit, skinny jeans and leather jacket (with chic black accessories) is the perfect go to outfit, and one I feel most comfortable in.

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