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the shirt dress


One of my favourite dress styles to wear!   You kind of feel all chic and stuff with your little popped collar, sleeves and structure.   I also love to wear this style open as a jacket.   It can be so casual or totally prepped up for the office…

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blue on blue on blue

You don’t have to wear a bright pink or orange hue to walk on the bright side.   A simple blue jean, a tee with a gentle print or a poppy heel is enough to lift my spirits and crate a diversion from my mostly monochromatic self.   I love colours that have reduced saturation.   Colour without the vibrancy.   Soft colour.   You get it?

Blue, purple and red sounds so brazen.   But smokey blue, lavender ice and carmine hit the nail on the head.   For me that is : )

Blazer & Clutch: Hunky Dory, Tee: Equipment Fr, Jeans: J Brand, Shirt: Enza Costa, Shoes: Kardashian Kollection, Sunglasses: Quay Eyewear

Image Credit: Jess Adcock

button down

It’s finally getting cooler on the coast, so here comes the opportunity to layer up and show your flare through subtle prints and textures.   I just love this little cashmere sweater over a printed button down and you can’t go wrong with a knee length blazer in your colour of choice.   Keeping the sandals going for as long as possible before we are consumed by winter!

Shirt & Knit: Equipment Fr, Jeans: J Brand, Coat: Hunky Dory Stockholm, Shoes; Wittner, Bag: Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses: Kardashian Kollection, Wrists: Balenciaga & Vita Fede, Earrings: Witchery

three elements

One thing I’ve learnt since starting my own fashion blog, is the importance of balancing colour, prints and texture in to my looks.   I have always really done this, but by planning outfit posts and editing the photos, I have become savvy to what is appealing to the eye… In similar words, I’m learning what I like to see.

When I flick through the racks of clothing I am blessed to have access to, I try and factor in these three elements which give depth and a little something to your get up.   Here I’m wearing a vibrant neon orange shirt under a gloriously thick and bulky cable knit.   The little flashes of mauve from the lining of this textural coat work beautifully with the leopard print clutch and simple nude heels balance the colour, print and texture well to my liking.   It’s a little ice-cream-candy looking (with sprinkles in top) but really…how delicious!

Yes, I like what I see.  xx

Coat: Odd Molly, Knit: Hunky Dory, Shirt: Equipment Fr, Skirt: Hunky Dory, Shoes: Glamour Puss from Wanted Shoes, Clutch: Vintage, Sunglasses: Rayban, Earrings: Witchery

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography

spring stripes

The selection of Equipment shirts are endless.   If you ever want to add a pop of colour to your get up, just choose one of these babies and you are set to go.   The great thing about these shirts, is they are such a staple wardrobe piece at the moment.   So you could literally wear one everyday and change the look through their cut, colour or one of their ingenious prints.  I look at the rack of Equipment shirts before me and my mind twirls!

I just had to do it!   I know, I know…  The matchy matchy heels are a little predictable, but they were made for this stripey number and they have been sitting patiently in the wardrobe for months, awaiting an outing.   As for the denim, cut offs and an over sized boyfriend jacket complete the look nicely.   Now for a spot of lunch with the girls on this beautiful day!

Love to all xx

Sleeveless Tank: Equipment, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Shoes: Wittner, Jacket: J Brand, Sunglasses: Rayban, Bag: Chanel, Watch: Kate Spade NY, Earrings: Witchery

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography