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wearing stuff backwards

How often do you look at the back of a top or dress and think…”how pretty is the back!?”… Well, I’m here to tell you it’s positively and absolutely acceptable to wear it backwards. Why not? This sweet shirt was so easy to flip around and I was able to wear the buttons down the back to showcase the detailed embroidery at the front.

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the duster jacket

Most of us have a body part (or two or three) that we’re a little self conscious about, right? Maybe it’s your thighs, your tummy, side muffins, big/small/droopy boobies, your un-toned arms…

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“off the shoulder” and “cropped flares”

It’s a double whammy today! I’m covering both “off the shoulder” and the “cropped denim flare” trend in one…

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back to basics

Every now and again, I like to “re set” my fashion choices and have a day where I tone it all down and bring it back to basics. This would mean wearing a plain cut jean or pant, clean top and simple accessories. It allows me to get back to neutral before I start rebuilding interesting daily outfits again.

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blush, black and white

Blush, black and white is one of my all time favourite colour combos. It’s just heaven! I love the balance of the hard against the soft, it’s so easy on the eye.

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