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burgundy and baby polka dot

A little touch of burgundy… Yes. A little polka-dot. Yes! I couldn’t resist these two outfits that hint an approachable tone of burgundy, with a modest size polka-dot. This is a burgundy/polka-dot combination for those of you who want to be a little daring, but not too out there!


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lace and up


Lace and a chic blazer will be a winner every time… Team with some chic strappy heels and black accessories and we’re on the up.

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coachella dreaming


If I was going to Coachella this year, this would be outfit day 1.   Hmmm…   I think I need to plan a trip one year.   So I can incorporate cool outfits, cacti, dusty music festival sunsets and ferris wheels into my posts.   Definite priority.

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lush greys and black

fifideluxe (234)

Strong and effective.   An epic colour combination of black and grey in luxe textures – fur and suede.   Such simple pieces are elevated in the luxury stakes when made of quality materials that adds depth and richness to your outfit.

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choosing wisely


There are many fashion choices to be made when dressing for pregnancy.   You can either enhance your bump by wearing fitted clothing, or choose relaxed pieces that don’t cling to your tummy.

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