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70’s style

Two 70’s factors come into consideration when reviewing this outfit. The obvious white “flare” and the mustardy, rusty, earthy tone of this leather jacket. Both scream “WOODSTOCK” to me and I like it.

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puff pastry

There’s something so appealing about wearing volume of this size, the bigger the better in my books.   Proportions like these give you an enormous presence, a certain character and make a real statement.   You simply can’t deny it.

Dresses and skirts worn over pants were big about ten years ago (maybe more).   The look disappeared until recently and is making a slight come back.   I always loved this look, great for those days you want to hide and layers are always a good thing.

This coat reminds me of puff pastry… It’s such a light cotton piece with great height and big sleeves.   It’s quite malleable and easy to work as I have done with the double wrap belt and kind of puffed it out a bit.   I kind of feel like a gladiator about to take off, however.   Which isn’t a bad thing!

Oh, and excuse me while I delve into a pit of grey and navy at the moment, might need to add some more colour to my life this week.  That’s the plan!

Love you all xx

Jeans: J Brand, Dress and Coat: Hunky Dory, Sunglasses: Celine, Bag: Givenchy Antigona, Watch: Daniel Wellington

get your flare on

Well folks, they’re here… and they’re gonna be big.   Might as well get your head around them, because flares are rocking some serious presence in the fashion world.   All the magazines are shooting them, all the celebs are wearing them, but most importantly, they look super chic on.

In know you die hard fashionistas are with me, but I sense some of you out there rolling your eyes as you read.   “I’m too small/short, back to the 70’s, I’m gonna sit this trend out” etc, etc.  But before you judge too quickly, I have some evidence they could be good for you.   UK Women’s Health magazine has just published an article naming the flare “best jeans for shorter legs” that adds inches to your height.   This is due to the fact that when worn with a heel, they scrape the floor-line actually elongating your leg and making them look longer.   True story!

I ask that you at least try a pair on (these J Brand ones are hitting stores soon) just make sure you wear a killer heel.    I want to know the outcomes!

Big love xx

Flare Jean: J Brand, Shirt and knit: Frame Denim, Jacket: IRO Paris, Clutch: Hunky Dory, Sunglasses: Celine, Heels: Glamour Puss

Image credit: Tane Meiring