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kinda casual, not


It’s really just the colour combination I love with this outfit… The skirt is a superb creamy caramel (I made hubby sticky date pudding with caramel sauce for his birthday tonight so I can vouch for that comment!) and it totally fits in the same box as the ever present rusty fall hues category…

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summer neutrals


Even in the height of summer, I always take a knit, cardigan or jacket wherever I go.   Not only does this safe guard you against cooler evenings or an air conditioned room, it adds texture, layers and interest to your outfit.   Rustic, earthy tones are among my favourite colour combinations to wear, this is me all over…

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caramel shot


We photographed this outfit a little while ago.   The colour making it’s debut is a lush caramel shot which is so easy, earthy and warm.   I’ve paired it with a mixture of monochromatics and a touch of cream to heighten the look and bring it’s overall tone up a little.

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mustard, navy, plaid


Mustard silk, navy leather with black and white felt plaid.   Yummo.   Delicious textures and rich colours have me swooning!   Paired with some cute-as-pie flat loafers, you can’t go wrong.

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subtle pop


Cotton, chunky knitwear and leather… I adore this combination.   A layer of cozy cable, mixed with whimsical tissue paper cotton work beautifully together.   Add a leather bag or edgy biker vest and you have a killer look.

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