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a leather skirt to love…

Oh my. How about this leather skirt? I’m so in love… The details are literally perfect! It fits beautifully and this is paramount with leather as there is no room for error with the cut.

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outfits of the week 28.01.17

You can wear trainers with just about anything these days. That includes dresses and skirts. I know this seems like an unlikely match, (umm, pretty, frilly creamy orange dress with tough stan trainers?) Yep, I know… But totally cool and as comfortable as it gets. Honestly, trainers is the go.

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outfits of the week – 21.01.17

I’m starting to get better and taking the three kids out by myself now. A one, two and six year old is definitely a handful! However we love our Saturday mornings meeting nanny and doing a little shopping if we can manage. When I have all three children on the go it’s pretty hectic with lots of lifting and running, so comfort has to come first. I always go for some flats, boyfriend jeans and a tee… preferably in a darker colour as I always end up with milkshake all over me!

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velvet bomber and frayed jeans

I love the tones of summer. Light washed denim, ivory and peachy shades giving off healthy and warm vibes.
One pair of jeans you need to add to your collection this season, is a frayed light denim style. You can dress them up (think heel or boot and a slim fitting shirt and blazer) or dress them down (as seen here with trainers and a velvet bomber jacket).

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sweaters and slides

On a more trans seasonal note, a super cool sweater is a must have for your wardrobe. They’re a great layering piece in between seasons and this NSF one adds a heap of texture which creates a really rustic look to the outfit. I’ve paired it with some other relaxed pieces like a tee, black denim jacket and a slightly more structured skirt to give it a great base to shine.

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