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We took these photos featuring the J Brand wildflower luxe-sateen super skinny  in New York ages ago and I can finally post them because they’ve just arrived in store.   I was lusting over this pinky tone back then and it’s very strong at the moment.   In fact, anything pink is perfect right about now.   Although I would probably choose softer accents today, I chose grey and black to work in with these little babies.  Love xx

J Brand jeans, Enza Costa tee, Muubaa jacket, Dolce & Gabbana bag, Balenciaga wrist wrap, Rayban Sunglasses

Image Credit: Anjali Kiggal

polka-dots and a colour pop

Well, back from North Stradbroke Island with the family and back to reality.   Our office has just reopened and is full of new deliveries ready to go out to all the stores.   Kindy goes back next week so looking forward to that too, even though it’s been nice to have the little one around on a daily basis.   I’m excited for 2014 and always feel motivated and inspired at the beginning of a new year.   I hope you do too!

Was chasing a pop of colour this particular day and these J Brand Carey jeans did the job perfectly.   Teamed with this sweet little polka-dot Riley tee by Equipment and Jerome Dreyfuss satchel, I felt a million dollars!   The gold studded boots by Nickolas Kirkwood are the best height and very comfortable.   The jacket by Virginie Castaway doubles well as a light cape to drape over your shoulders.   Celine sunglasses in nude, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets and Collette by Colette Hayman hoops are my accessories.

Big love xx

Image Credit: Joseph Willis Photography

shiny, plasticy things…

Another one of our posts shot in the streets of Soho, New York.   Such a beautiful place with an abundance of visual stimulation and inspirational content just begging to be taken advantage of.   Just an old brick wall is enough to excite me, or a hole-in-the-wall cafe buzzing with atmosphere.   I will definitely spend some time living here in another life I have decided, if I haven’t already.

In this post I’m wearing my new favourite boots by super talented designer, Nicholas Kirkwood.   They’re so comfortable that I wore them all day walking around New York.   I have to say that’s quite impressive, considering Bass and I walked about 20 kilometers that particular day.

I have a strange attraction to shiny, plasticy things at the moment.   This Freddy anorak is no exception and stayed strong through our whole trip with it’s ideal traveling ability (think scrunch it up in your handbag if you no longer need it and drag it back out for instant chic).  It was particularly handy considering I packed for warm weather.   New York was 35 degrees during Fashion Week but decided to drop dramatically over night to cool pre-fall chills, leaving my wardrobe slightly unsuitable considering the climate.   I had to whip up some interesting outfits with what I packed!

This little LNA leather mini is proving to be a great addition to my wardrobe with it popping out of the woodwork often.   It works beautifully with this Enza Costa tee, Enza produces the most heavenly pieces in a quality not often found.   Outfit complete with Proenza Schouler shoulder bag, Hunky Dory bracelet and Ray Bans.  Love xx

Image Credit: Anjali Kiggal