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slashed denim

fifideluxe-4-15 (360)

It’s been so long since I featured some flat out slashed blue denim.   This was a shoot we did ages ago – it’s a timeless look when it comes to layering up your worn through jeans with a white shirt and a lightweight knit.

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Oh yeah baby, feels good to let it all hang out.   Starting to get a serious belly on me (I am seven month pregnant after all).   So we adapt to the expanding waist line situation and we go with whatever works, whatever feels good.   A skirt worn as a dress is always a good idea when needing to hide something, not to mention the comfort factor.

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me to a tee


I would have to say this outfit is me to a tee… Of all the gear I whip up, a long white shirt, cashmere knit, skinny jeans and leather jacket (with chic black accessories) is the perfect go to outfit, and one I feel most comfortable in.

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sport luxe


Don’t you just love the fact you can wear active wear these days and feel totally stylish at the same time?   So many luxe fashion/active wear options around, it’s become the norm attire for running Saturday morning errands or afternoon school pick ups for busy mums.

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casual cool

A ‘casual cool’ look consists of skinny distressed denim, scruffy over-sized knitwear, well-worn leather and chic accessories. This is a fool proof, go-to look can be worn every day and effortlessly take you from your daily routine, to lunch or dinner at the same time.

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