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bing badda boom

These Bings rock.   Perfect heel height, perfect width, perfect toe.   Perfect amount of gold hard wear with a winning stitched leather and suede combo.

Knit over shirt, leather and skinnies.   Winning combinations.   Can’t go wrong.

Needed a gold trim bag but couldn’t decide between the Chanel or the Zara.   I think the Zara wins in the end.

Short and sweet.   Big love.   Kisses xx

Leather Jacket & Knit: Joie, Shirt: Equipment Fr, Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Anine Bing, Sunglasses: Rayban, Bags: Zara & Chanel

Image Credit: Jess Adcock

simple fashion choices

This L’At by L’Agence dress is fast becoming my go to throw on piece of the moment.   Pure ease and comfort with no restrictions.   As for feet?   Yes, I admit…a pair of Adidas is preferable at 37 weeks of pregnancy!    A leather jacket can instantly take a simple outfit up 100 decibels, such quality and luxury speaks for itself.   I’m throwing a leather jacket over everything these days, to give a little upgrade to my slightly more comfortable fashion choices!

Love you all xx

Dress: L’At by L’Agence, Sneakers: Adidas, Jacket: Joie, Sunglasses: Rayban, Watch: Daniel Washington, Bag: Proenza Schouler

Image Credit: Jess Adcock

appropriate lbd

Well isn’t this just the perfect LBD for a 35.5 week pregnant mumma!   I put it on this morning and thought this outfit was definitely worth a post.   It’s no surprise that black definitely makes you look slimmer and hides big baby bumps and by throwing a loose coat over the top, adds a relaxed and casual look.   Pants are just not happening for me right now, okay to wear standing up but if you sit down, just too tight.   So a loose dress is perfect for comfy pregnancy dressing.   Let it all hang out!

I’m so excited to be going into a Gold Coast winter.   Just cool enough to get the woolens and coats out, but warm enough to go for a weekend beach walk and soak up the winter sun.   xx

Dress: L’At by L’Agance, Coat: Seed Heritage, Clutch: Seed Heritage, Boots: Kardashian Kollection, Sunglasses: Rayban, Rings: Diva Accessories, Earrings: Witchery

Image Credit: Jessica Adcock

ripped jeans, chunky knits

I was recently searching for the most ripped pair of jeans I could find, these THP ones certainly got my attention.   I love how they have tapered and zipped ankles, perfect for stuffing into a pair of boots.   Messy and effective.   The knit poncho is perfect for hiding the belly too, and it’s just starting to get a bit cooler now so I can throw it on whenever suits.   The ultimate piece!

You might be noticing that I’m posting a fair bit at the moment.   I have only 5 weeks to go before I have a Caesarean Section to deliver my second baby.   For those of you who are wondering…Yes, there is a legitimate medical reason for the Caesarean, I am definitely not too “posh to push” which is what I did with my first baby, Addison.   Obviously for a month or two after I have the surgery, I won’t be able to photograph posts for my blog so I am trying to get this seasons outfit choices up before I go into an induced “baby coma”.    So I’ll be having a little blogger-break and then back in full force for the season to follow!

Love to you all xx

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography

spring stripes

The selection of Equipment shirts are endless.   If you ever want to add a pop of colour to your get up, just choose one of these babies and you are set to go.   The great thing about these shirts, is they are such a staple wardrobe piece at the moment.   So you could literally wear one everyday and change the look through their cut, colour or one of their ingenious prints.  I look at the rack of Equipment shirts before me and my mind twirls!

I just had to do it!   I know, I know…  The matchy matchy heels are a little predictable, but they were made for this stripey number and they have been sitting patiently in the wardrobe for months, awaiting an outing.   As for the denim, cut offs and an over sized boyfriend jacket complete the look nicely.   Now for a spot of lunch with the girls on this beautiful day!

Love to all xx

Sleeveless Tank: Equipment, Shorts: One Teaspoon, Shoes: Wittner, Jacket: J Brand, Sunglasses: Rayban, Bag: Chanel, Watch: Kate Spade NY, Earrings: Witchery

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography