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a sancia tan bag

Ahhh, summer is upon us! And what better way to kick the season off, than to introduce some tan accessories to your newly fresh wardrobe.
A tan bag will go with pretty much anything, however I’m hitting up this spring outfit in a gorgeous cream and baby blue palette. It’s my go to for a warm trans seasonal day!

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making a summer dress trans seasonal

It’s definitely feeling like summer here on the Gold Coast, it was 30 degrees here the other day! So I’m starting to have the seasonal wardrobe freak out and thinking what do I have in the way of sandals and dresses! I love how you can take a spring dress and layer it with knits and denim to keep it trans seasonal. I would even through this dress over a pair of denim jeans as an option…

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70’s vibe


Love a good flare and a nice deep rusty tone pairs perfectly to solidify that 70’s vibe…

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sneaker time


I always take two bags with me each day.   Either a shoulder bag and a nappy bag, or a shoulder bag and a tote.   The tote will always carry a comfortable pair of shoes to change into half way through the day…

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