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feeling pretty

I’m at it again! Pairing summer frocks with knits to tie me over until it gets warmer. It’s a great way to move between the seasons and keep your summer outfit obsession in check.

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why you need a white dress for the festive season

Christmas is two weeks away and no doubt your calendar is filling up with events, family get togethers, cocktail parties and end of year gatherings. Bring on the shenanigans I say! You will definitely need a few key dresses to cover you for the silly season and keep you in the festive spirit.

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trends to try – ruffles

The thing I love about a ruffle is how it demands attention. Depending on the design, a ruffle can be placed in such a way that it draws attention and creates a strong focal point of the piece. Whether draped across your shoulders, falling along the side or spilling down your arms like a cascade of waves, a ruffle is a visually stunning piece of fabricated architecture and certainly worthy of a powerful fashion trend.

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blush, black and white

Blush, black and white is one of my all time favourite colour combos. It’s just heaven! I love the balance of the hard against the soft, it’s so easy on the eye.

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Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?   For me, a little inspiration can go a long way.   For instance, the idea for this outfit came from seeing a young school girl waiting patiently at the bus stop on a chilly morning.   She was wearing her green and blue plaid uniform, with a grey cardigan, clumpy black leather shoes and was cold so had her denim jacket on over the top.   If only she knew how cool she looked in my eyes.

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