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skirt over pants, big sleeves

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to wear a skirt over a pant. It kind of shows my age though because a fashion century (or two!) ago we used to do it all the time and I hated giving it up. I had to suck myself out of that trend like nobody’s business. It wasn’t pretty…

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“off the shoulder” and “cropped flares”

It’s a double whammy today! I’m covering both “off the shoulder” and the “cropped denim flare” trend in one…

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the shirt dress


One of my favourite dress styles to wear!   You kind of feel all chic and stuff with your little popped collar, sleeves and structure.   I also love to wear this style open as a jacket.   It can be so casual or totally prepped up for the office…

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It’s a blue kind of day… cornflower blue to be exact.   In the form of a buttery soft, leather and suede jacket with precise detailing and immaculate fit.   This is a piece for the long haul.

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lush greys and black

fifideluxe (234)

Strong and effective.   An epic colour combination of black and grey in luxe textures – fur and suede.   Such simple pieces are elevated in the luxury stakes when made of quality materials that adds depth and richness to your outfit.

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