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kinda casual, not


It’s really just the colour combination I love with this outfit… The skirt is a superb creamy caramel (I made hubby sticky date pudding with caramel sauce for his birthday tonight so I can vouch for that comment!) and it totally fits in the same box as the ever present rusty fall hues category…

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leather up


Lashings of mulberry leather to get hearts-a-racing.   There is something so deep, rich and decadent about this lush shade.   The velvet tank really tops it off in the regal stakes with nude accents to soften.

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three elements

One thing I’ve learnt since starting my own fashion blog, is the importance of balancing colour, prints and texture in to my looks.   I have always really done this, but by planning outfit posts and editing the photos, I have become savvy to what is appealing to the eye… In similar words, I’m learning what I like to see.

When I flick through the racks of clothing I am blessed to have access to, I try and factor in these three elements which give depth and a little something to your get up.   Here I’m wearing a vibrant neon orange shirt under a gloriously thick and bulky cable knit.   The little flashes of mauve from the lining of this textural coat work beautifully with the leopard print clutch and simple nude heels balance the colour, print and texture well to my liking.   It’s a little ice-cream-candy looking (with sprinkles in top) but really…how delicious!

Yes, I like what I see.  xx

Coat: Odd Molly, Knit: Hunky Dory, Shirt: Equipment Fr, Skirt: Hunky Dory, Shoes: Glamour Puss from Wanted Shoes, Clutch: Vintage, Sunglasses: Rayban, Earrings: Witchery

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography

rag & bone

We have recently received our Rag & Bone delivery into store and every piece is a winner.   Gorgeous denim, tees, leather and printed dresses accompanied by a chic selection of boots and hats.  The little vest I’m wearing is by another brand we import called Go Silk.   It’s a super little label with huge potential.  I’ll be featuring some more Go Silk in upcoming posts.

I’m just grabbing an Equipment shirt from the cupboard these days to carry around or to loop over my bag or tie around my waist.   It’s the perfect way to add that pop of colour to your outfit.    After all, you are a fashionista…so who cares if you wear it or not, as long as it looks good!

Pants: Rag & Bone from Janine Edwards Boutique, Jacket: Joie, Tee: LNA Clothing, Gilet: Go Silk, Shoes Glamour Puss from Wanted Shoes, Sunglasses: Kardashian Kollection, Bag: Alexander Wang

Image Credit: Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography

the shirt dress

If there is one must-have piece you need in your wardrobe, it’s the shirt-dress.   This easy, breezy staple will take you through summer and winter with ease…loose and flowing in summer, or layered up in winter.   Although it gives off angelic angel vibes with it’s whimsical, light cotton appearance, don’t be fooled.   This versatile piece can be easily toughened up with a chic leather biker jacket and some edgy boots.   Doubling as a shirt and a dress, the “shirt-dress” is my pick for many seasons to come.  xx

Shirt Dress: Enza Costa, Leather Jacket: Hunky Dory, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Sunglasses: Kardashian Kollection, Clutch: Vintage

Image Credit:  Tane @ Joseph Willis Photography